The Spokane Rose Society Newsletter

Quietness, a Buck shrub roseThis is a monthly newsletter emailed to all members of the SRS. It will have information of the care and feeding of Spokane area Roses, notes regarding upcoming events, and so on.

Typically the letter will run monthly from March to November, with a winter break. Mostly since nothing is growing in Spokane for those months.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation the club is on hold, no meetings either virtual or in-person. The newsletter and this website will still continue, though.

Below you will find a list of previous newsletters. Clicking a link will pop it open into a new window. Note that these are PDF files and range in size up to 5 megs.

2021 Newsletters

  • September – Chilly weather and getting ready for winter, repair a damaged soaker hose,
  • August – Spider mites, how to map out your garden, and aphids being devoured.
  • July – Pest control and watering and the Missoula Rose Show.
  • June – Thoughts on growing roses and the Pacific Northwest District Photo Contest.
  • May – Winters effect of the Roses and the weeds, watering and fertilizing, home brew for Roses, and Japanese beetles.
  • April – Gardening notes, plants sales, and notes from other gardens.
  • March – Worn dirt (castings,) rose pruning, and a long article on botany.

2020 Newsletters

  • November – Getting ready for Winter, Zoom meetings, and Naming roses.
  • October – Cookies recipes, Rose growing tips, PNW District Fall Conference via Zoom, Lazy Man’s Guide to Growing Roses, Rose hips and Vitamin C.
  • September – Rose care and thinking about winter, Frog notes, and, yes, Bats.
  • August – Rose care and diseases, and the Rose Hall of Fame.
  • July– Fertilizing, removing suckers, and the White House Rose Garden.
  • June – Viruses and rose diseases, Point Defiance Rose Garden, virtual rose show.
  • May – Making rose beads, rose photography.
  • April – Soup recipe, Gardening in the Covid era, Why the gardening makes you happy, The Rose Man of Sing Sing, some notes on Blackspot.
  • March – Pruning, earthworms, and transplanting your roses.

2019 Newsletters

  • November – None.
  • October – Prepping for winter, a Rose Exhibitor and a Medal Winner.
  • September – Rose care, weeding, critters, and hilling; 2019 Roses in Review, Pacific NW district Fall Conference.
  • August – Rose tours, 2019 Rose Show Winners, SRS Board Meeting coming, compost notes.
  • July – Summer is coming, rose care, watering, info on Tom Carruth, article on Shrub Roses.
  • June – the 2019 Rose Show, Ping Lim hybridizer, Summer rose care.
  • May
  • April
  • March