2021 Spokane Rose Society Calendar 

Currently, as of mid June, there are no events scheduled, and no Rose Show. This is partly due to the pandemic and partly due to a certain lack of interest. Perhaps 2022 will be better. 

Events might appear later in the year and then will be posted here and on the Facebook page


About Events in General

The Spokane Rose Society (SRS) has several types of events throughout the year. Some are open to the public, others are members only. Here are the general types of events and gatherings that we have, scroll down a bit for special events and info on the monthly meetings.

Morden Sunrise

General meetings are held monthly, usually on the 4th Wednesday, and are open to the public. They are at at 6:00 p.m. in the meeting room by the conservatory at Manito Park in Spokane, Washington.

Please see our calendar (below) for exact times and locations. Some club business will be discussed and there is usually some kind of presentation. There is socializing afterwards. Occasionally these meetings are dropped and replaced with some event, such as the Rose Show. Guests are always welcome. Here’s the map to the meeting room

Board Meetings are held quarterly and are open to all club members. Usually they are held in the Manito meeting room at 6pm.  This year’s meetings are to be arranged.

Garden Tours are held a few times per year and are open to club members. There are a lot of very nice gardens in the Spokane area and we’ve managed to tour quite a few of them.

Special Events, such as the Rose Show, are held annually.

With the Pandemic still on the “in person” meetings are on hold, but are done on the Zoom platform. You can download Zoom, for whatever your device, from their site, here



Previous Calendars

2020 events were basically cancelled due to Covid-19. 
2019 Event Calendar
2018 Event Calendar
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