Spokane County Extension Pamphlets on Roses

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The information listed here (and more) can be found in the booklet “Roses for the Inland Northwest” and purchased for $6.00 at Spokane County extension office.

The following pamphlets are free and are in PDF form. They can be immediately viewed by clicking the links.

Rose Cultivar and Disease Resistance (42 KB)
This four page pamphlet describes (and lists) rose varieties resistant to the fungal diseases of rust, powdery mildew and black-spot as well as hardy Canadian rose varieties like the Parkland (Morden) which are on their own roots and are winter hardy.

Rose Culture (100 KB)
This handy four page pamphlet is a brief primer for growing roses in the Inland Northwest. It reviews several types of rose varieties, how to plant your rose, and instructions on seasonal care of your roses.

Rose Problems (47 KB)
Have a problem with your rose plant? If the rose’s problem is caused from its environment, a pest, or a disease this four page table will, in all likelihood, list the possible causes of the problem and then the best solutions.

Rose Source List (55 KB)
Looking for new roses in your garden? This document list local nurseries that stock roses that do well in the Spokane area. Some of these nurseries will also ship their stock directly to you.

TyRoses: Miniature Roses (67 KB)
This two page pamphlet is a primer on care of miniature roses. Miniature roses are smaller cousins of the larger shrubs and climbers. Miniatures can have full size or mini-flowers. Some climb, others can get to three feet in height. There are so many colors, sizes and shapes to choose from. Best of all, miniature roses can be grown in pots both in doors and outside.

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Roses: Climbing Roses (85 KB)
Pruning and training your climbing rose is easy with this helpful two page pamphlet.

Roses: Winterizing Roses (68 KB)
The Inland Northwest has harsh winters that can kill many rose varieties. Do not worry. This two page pamphlet will give your roses the edge to survive through the winters encountered in the Inland Northwest.

Roses for the Inland Northwest (116 KB)
This four page pamphlet lists rose varieties that should grow well for many years in the Inland Northwest. The list was made in 2005, so consult your nursery for newer varieties not listed. Many of these varieties can be seen at the rose garden in Manito Park.