The Annual
Spokane Rose Society Rose Show,

(Our 74th Year!)

The SRS Rose Show for 2021 is cancelled, due in part to the pandemic and in part to a lack of interest. Perhaps it will regrow and bloom again in 2022.

Rose Show Schedule (aka: The Rules:) are posted: click here to read them (PDF format.) They are pretty much the same from year to year.

What is the SRS Rose Show all about?

Come and see beautiful locally grown roses and arrangements from both amateur and expert gardeners. People are available to answer any rose related questions that you might have.

Scroll down to see some previous years’ winners.

Show Your Roses!

Here’s the chance to show off what you have. This is a more local show than the big regional ones so it’s very possible for new people to come in with their roses and be competitive. (My wife won a First Place prize in her very first Rose Show.)

If your friends are complimenting you one your roses then they will very likely do well in our show. We will have people available to help you show how to put your best petal forward and show your roses well. For some more info on showing, check out this post on How to Prepare Your Roses for the Show.

Check out the pictures below. I’m sure you have a few that are just as good, or better, than those. There are a lot of classes, so even if your blooms are not the “classic form” bring them in anyway. We’ll show you how to present them.

The SRS Rose Show is open for Rose Society members and we have special categories for non-members. (And if you’re not a member, and you want to become one, you can sign up right at the show.)

Need all the details on categories and such? Click here for the rules.

Pictures of Some Winning Roses

Click the images for a larger view. That view will open in a new window or tab. Just delete that window/tab to return here. Note that these are not necessarily 2016 pics, there are a few older ones in there.

Queen of Show: Paradise Found Queen of Show for Hybrid Tea and Grandifloras:
Paradise Found
(Ray Hoffman)
King of Show: Sunstruck

King of Show for Hybrid Tea and Grandifloras:
(Ray Hoffman)

Princess of Show: Marilyn Monroe

Princess of Show for Hybrid Tea and Grandifloras:
Marilyn Monroe
(P. Waylett)

Barbara Steisand (1) small

Best Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora Spray
Barbara Streisand
(Tracy Gravelle)

Lee Ann Rimes

Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora, fully open, stamens showing:
Lee Ann Rimes
(Lynn Schafer)

Best Floribunda Bloom: Bill Warriner

Best Floribunda Bloom:
Bill Warriner
(Lynn Schafer)

Best Floribuna Spray: Blastoff

Best Floribunda Spray:
(Bob Willrich)

Best Polyantha Spray: Belinda

Polyantha Spray:
(Andrew Smith)

Climber or Rambler, one bloom
White Eden
(Carol Newcomb)

Best Climber/Rambler Spray: Purple Splash

Best Climber or Rambler Spray
Purple Splash
(Andrew Smith)

OGR Dowager Queen - Belle de Crécy

Dowager Queen
Belle de Crecy
(Carol Newcomb)

Victorian Queen
Rose de Rescht
(Bob Willrich)

Best Modern Shrub Spray: White Meidiland

Best Modern Shrub Spray
White Meidiland
(Gwynne Mee)

Best Modern Shrub Bloom: Darcy Bussell

Best Modern Shrub Bloom
Darcy Bussell
(Bob Willrich)

Dr John Dickman, Mini Queen

Mini Queen
Dr John Dickman
(Lynn Schafer )

Mini King
Autumn Splendor
(Gwynne Mee)

Mini Princess
Black Jade
(P. Waylett)

Mini spray: Amy Grant

Mini spray
Amy Grant
(Sharon Askelson)

Velvet Touch Picture Frame, HT or Gr: Gemini

Velvet Touch Picture Frame, HT or Grandiflora
(Sharon Askelson)

OGR Challenge

OGR Challenge, 3 different blooms/sprays
Dupuy Jamain, Black Prince, and Baronne Prevost
(Carol Newcomb)

English Challenge – 3 different blooms/sprays

English Challenge, 3 different blooms/sprays
William Shakespeare, Golden Celebration, and Cottage Rose
(Carol Newcomb)

American Mini Box

American box, 9 mini roses, any combo, geometric design or pattern
Busy Bee & Cupcake
(Gwynne Mee)

Mini Artist Palette

Mini Artist Palette, 5 mini roses, light to dark
Apricot Twist, Rainbow’s End, Cl., Autumn Splendor, Busy Bee, Coffee Bean
(Gwynne Mee)

Arrangements - Eiffel Tower - using Olympiad

“Eiffel Tower”
(Sharon Askelson)

Arrangements - In the Mood - using Dreamweaver

“In the Mood”
Dream Weaver
(Sharon Askelson)

Arrangements - Little artist - Cherry Sunblaze

“Little Artist”
Cherry Sunblaze
(Sharon Askelson)

Arrangements - Whimsy - Lo and Behold

Lo n’ Behold
(Sharon Askelson)

How About Some More Roses?

Click the images for larger views, click the back button to return to this page.

Abraham Darby
Abraham Darby
Easy Going
Easy Going
Erinnerung an Brod
Erinnerung an Brod
Autumn Splendor Mini Rose
Autumn Splendor Mini Rose





Hope to see you at the show!