How To Create Traditional Rose Arrangements

For many of us  we not only want the chance to see beautiful roses grown in local gardens, but also the chance to see what unique and interesting arrangements we can make that feature those roses.

Linda Boland - traditional mass arrangement
Traditional Mass Arrangement
by Linda Boland

To whet your appetite for arranging take a look at photos of rose arrangements from various rose shows here and around the country. Use your favorite search engine and search for rose show arrangements and you will find many beautiful examples.

If you are using Google, enter the search term and click the word Images in the left hand column to get right to the photos. Those photos will lead you to sites where you can find even more.

Okay- now you have been inspired by the rose arrangement photos, and you would like to try your hand at an arrangement or two but, you feel that you still need a little more guidance.

Not to worry- I will be reviewing an assortment of articles I found with a Google search on the art of rose arranging that should give you the extra information you need to go forth and conquer those arrangement jitters.

I will start here with traditional arrangements, but you will find additional reviews and links about other types of arrangements among our posts in the Arrangements category.

Traditional Arrangement Articles

One of my favorites is an article by Kathy Noble from Austin, TX in the late summer/fall issue of the Rose Arranger’s Bulletin titled What IS Traditional?  (This is a PDF, about 4 megs in size, and will pop open in a new window.)

Ms. Noble’s illustrations and explanations are very clear and easy to follow. If you have any questions or concerns about traditional arrangements this is a great place to start. You can also save this article in pdf format for future reference.

Once you have digested Ms. Noble’s article, you should follow-up with the Summer 2011 issue of the Rose Arranger’s Bulletin. This issue has three extremely helpful articles on traditional arrangements.

  • Traditional Mass Arrangements For Beginners, by Linda Boland (Carolina District) is a step-by-step walk through of creating a traditional mass arrangement in a basket with a handle. This is a great “how to” discussion illustrated with photos throughout the process.
  • Traditional Round Arrangements, by Linda Boland is another great step-by-step walk through, this time showing and describing the creation of a round mass arrangement. This is another marvelous resource for the novice arranger.
  • Traditional Mass Arrangements – An Overview, by Jim Harrell (Deep South District) describes the traditional mass arrangement in greater detail covering such subjects as containers, quantity of roses, and focal area. He also discusses the issues faced when creating miniature mass designs.

Additional informative articles in this issue of the RAB include: Weathered Wood in Arrangements, by Carol Macon, Rocky Mountain District, and Putting Metal to the Petal, Cutting Roses that Last, by Elizabeth Churchill.

Another good article Traditional Arrangements , by Kreg Hill is available in a downloadable pdf format. Mr, Hill discusses the historical development of this type of arrangement and describes the three forms: Line, Line-Mass, and Mass.

He also gives helpful hints for creating traditional arrangements.

Here’s a video on very basic arranging.

And one more, a bit more advanced.