2019 Event Calendar for the Spokane Rose Society

The Spokane Rose Society (SRS) has several types of events throughout the year. Some are open to the public, others are members only. Here are the general types of events and gatherings that we have, scroll down a bit for special events and info on the monthly meetings.

Morden Sunrise

General meetings are held monthly, usually on the 4th Wednesday, and are open to the public. They are at at 6:00 p.m. in the meeting room by the conservatory at Manito Park in Spokane, Washington. Please see our calendar (below) for exact times and locations. Some club business will be discussed and there is usually some kind of presentation. There is socializing afterwards. Occasionally these meetings are dropped and replaced with some event, such as the Rose Show. Guests are always welcome. Here’s the map to the meeting room

Board Meetings are held quarterly and are open to all club members. Usually they are held in the Manito meeting room at 6pm.  This year’s meetings are to be arranged.

Garden Tours are held a few times per year and are open to club members. There are a lot of very nice gardens in the Spokane area and we’ve managed to tour quite a few of them.

Special Events, such as the Rose Show, are held annually.

The 2019 Event Calendar

Unless otherwise stated, all events are at the Manito Meeting Room. Meetings are all at 6pm unless otherwise specified.

March 28 – We have already presented our March program on page 1 of this newsletter, but we hope for a great turnout, as it should be exciting and something we haven’t done before.

April 24 – Joel Fields will be with us to discuss soils, how we can improve them, what makes up a good soil for our roses, and he will be able to answer questions you may have.

May 22 – Another new thing for us. A representative from Plants of the Wild located in Tekoa, Washington will tell us about their operation and the plants they have available. You may be surprised about this company located outside a small town in Whitman County.

June 22 – This of course is rose show month, but we are very excited about the day. First, we will be holding it at CenterPlace in Spokane Valley. This is where The Inland Empire Gardeners hold their meetings, but it is a venue for weddings and all sorts of events. You may recall we met there when the ARS president Jolene Adams visited us.

Well, this year we will be having a phenomenal hybridizer, Ping Lim, as our afternoon speaker. Ping drew standing crowds the last time he was here. Northland Rosarium carries a number of his roses, and one of our distant members, Alexa Peterson, told of Ping’s visit at their annual banquet for Puyallup Rose Society. They auctioned off one of Ping’s roses, and Alexa ended up the winner at a high price, but this is the rose. And another photo Alexa included showed this rose had amazing foliage! Ping is a delightful speaker, and he has created some beautiful roses like this one, including several in memory of 9/11.

July and August – We are planning rose garden tours for these two months, as that is when the roses are at their peak and blooming well. Last year we planned to have a tour of Manito’s Rose Hill with Steve Smith giving the tour. Then the fires happened, and with all the smoke it was unsafe to be out there, so we had to cancel what would have been an interesting and enlightening tour. We hope to reschedule that for this summer. And Bob Willrich has also arranged for another tour including a private garden. More details will be available when we find out the specific dates of these two tours, but garden tours prove to be very educational, because you also get to see how others set up their rose beds and the various ideas they use.

September 25 – is when we have our in-house rose show, just so you can see the roses people have grown in a variety of gardens. We encourage EVERYONE to bring roses for this show in whatever container you wish to use. Then we have ALL those attending act as the judges to select what they believe is the best in each class. We also go back over the winners to explain why they won or what the “judges” missed in their calls.

October 23 – this is the one official meeting we have each year. We allow the board to take care of business the rest of the time to allow for you to just get to enjoy the program without the lengthy readings of minutes, reports, etc. We want our members to feel their time is well spent coming to the meetings, but we do have to conduct official business at times, such as election of officers and approval of the budget. So don’t neglect to do your part. Your vote is important, but we need you to come to the meeting to provide this.

November 13 – is the one month we deviate from our “4th Wednesday” meetings. Because the 4th Wednesday comes very close to Thanksgiving, we move the date to earlier in November and have either a potluck or a gathering at a local restaurant. In recent years people have preferred a potluck, but here again, you can voice your opinion to any of your officers or board members if you’d rather meet at a restaurant.This closes out our year of roses, so we hope you will take advantage of as many of these programs as possible.

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